Thursday, 23 July 2009

What comes out of a shopping trip.

This dress is my favourite item,i also bought wet look leggins,and a black and white strped vest with red roses.

Also today i tryed out a new hairstyle,it is in place with just a few grips :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Just some pictures.

Grunge and Taylor.

I really love the Grunge look atm,inspired by Taylor Momsen, here are some of my favourites.

I made these at college in my last week as i didnt have alot to do.
Im totaly in love with Gossip girl especily Blair and Jenny.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hair colours change

So happy with my new hair and glad to be rid of the blonde,this dark suits me so much better,iv gone from this



to this


Going out

Off out tonight, here is what i plan to wear

and then theres the process of getting ready...

Like Hair
and make-up

Il post pictures of the night out...

My first time

Well this is my first blog so bare with me but here goes...

About Me

Names: Abigail Dawes/Abi
Age: 18 years old!
Hometown: Daventry,Northamtonshire,England
Studies:ND Interactive media at Warickshire college
Interests:Dancing(ballett,modern,tap,street),Fashion,art,photography,Drum and base,Designing,Photoshop,Seeing friends,Going out,Walking
Future plans: To study Fashion or Fashion marketing at Northampton uni,hopefully travel to New York.